Beauty Trends You Need To Try Out In 2018

April 25, 2018

There are so many new things which are in trend right now. And it is the ultimate goal of every woman to be in trend these days. So here we will be sharing some amazing beauty trends with you all.


Beauty Trends To Make You Look Amazing

So you might be already following that beauty magazine to get in trend. However, there a few things which we have found out after research. There are some factors which will be in trend for this year at least. And by following them or adapting, you will be the most noticed person in the parties. So let us begin with the awesomeness!

A- You Need Loud Lips

You must have seen in the catwalks that the models have loud lips with bare faces. And this looks amazing. The reason is that nowadays it is not possible to put loads of layers of makeup on the face. So just getting loud lips is sufficient at times also. Sideways you can apply a matte face powder and you are good to go.

pink lipstick faiza beauty cream
pink lipstick

B- Your Lower Lids Need A Chance

Okay, this is super awesome. You need to apply glittery liner on your lower lids. This look has been in trends a couple of years back. And is again in trend. You can fix it with the help of a spray. Rest of the makeup should be normal as ever.

C- Glittery Crystal Nails

If you have crystal nails you need to apply studs over them. Now apply them properly, so that you do not need to compromise on the beauty and setting.

glittery nails
glittery nails


D- Do Cut Crease Eyeshadow

This is an amazing technique to apply the eyeshadow. You need to apply the eyeshadow to the crease of your eye and this will eventually result in bigger eyes. Here one thing you need to consider that the color on your lid should be lighter than the color on the crease.



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