How To Keep Your Skin Cool In Summers?

March 29, 2018

This is a real mess. Summers and the problems of skin escalating to unforgiving levels. But hey! Do not worry. We have listed everything you need to know about skin care. Here we will be discussing tips to keep your skin cool in summers heat. 


How To Keep Skin Cool In Summers?

So without a further ado, here are the tips to follow in summers. And trust us, this is not as difficult as it seems.

`1- Get Yourself A Cucumber Face Pack

This is one of the most common an famous tp that people use in the summers. You need to get a nice cucumber face pack. Simply, cut slices of cucumber and place them in the freezer. Then crush it to extract the juice and whenever you want, use it. By simply dipping cotton in it and rubbing over the skin.

2- Go For A DIY Face Mist

So instead of recommending you face mists of hundreds of dollars, we advise you to prepare one yourself. The best is green tea face mist. Take two green tea bags and boil in water. Now let is cooled down and then ad few drops of tea tree oil. You can store it in the refrigerator. And spray whenever you get sick of the sweltering heat of the summers.

3- Get Ready For Ice Massages

You will have noticed that in summers, your skin often turns red due to heat. The best therapy is to rub ice on your face, This will greatly reduce the extent of inflammation and also it will improve the blood circulation.

4- Say Yes To Sunscreen

Okay, honestly this will be the hundredth time for this recommendation. You definitely need to get yourself a nice sunscreen by the recommendation of your dermatologist.




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